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The Lee W. Robinson Company is Louisville’s only one-stop source for residential design, architectural drafting, renovation, construction and interior design services. We have access to the expertise of an internationally trained team whose work is regularly displayed in magazines, books and online publications.

The Company’s vast showroom features proprietary lines of paint, fragrances, candles rugs and furniture. In addition, Lee carries nationally recognized brands found in major publications and markets. Through our vast network of vendors and service providers, we can accommodate a wide array of styles and we have a large portfolio of work to demonstrate our craft.

Crafting Personalized Living Environments

Transform Your Space, Reflect Your Style

Discover the art of bespoke interiors with Lee W. Robinson, where every design is a personal signature of your lifestyle. From initial blueprints to the final touches of decor, embark on a journey to create spaces that truly resonate with your identity, guided by decades of expertise in design and construction management.

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